Ectopic Pregnancy Can Cause Secondary Infertility

How Ectopic pregnancy can cause secondary infertility?

After a child birth or a termination of pregnancy infection can set in and affect the healthy fallopian tubes or worsen previously diseased tubes. Tubal diseases are a risk factor for ectopic pregnancy that is when the pregnancy happens to occur outside the uterus. Even though the woman has delivered a child the progressive tubal diseases can lead to ectopic pregnancy later on. Once ectopic pregnancy happens the tubes are destroyed further and double the risk of another ectopic. These women should consider seeing a fertility specialist before planning a pregnancy as ectopic pregnancy can lead to life threatening bleeding.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility or prevent genetic problems and assist with the conception of a healthy child. IVF is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology. IVF can be time-consuming, expensive and invasive. Sometimes, IVF is offered as a primary treatment for infertility in women over age 40. Women who suffer from ectopic pregnancy can go for IVF treatment for future pregnancy. Use of injectable fertility drugs, such as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), to induce ovulation can cause ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome.When choosing an in vitro 

fertilisation (IVF) Treatment, keep in mind that  success rate depends on many factors, such as patients’ ages and medical issues, as well as the clinic’s  treatment approaches. Infertility due to  tuboovarian dysfunction result mostly from infections. Prevention of infection is a major step towards fertility preservation.

Tubal blockage, hormone imbalances, problems in ovulation, problems in semen are among the leading causes. 

When hormone disorders are present, problems with ovulation can occur. Too much thyroid hormone or too little thyroid hormone can interfere with the menstrual cycle and cause infertility. Fallopian tube damage can occur from prior surgery and/or pelvic infections. Diminished ovarian reserve, premature menopause or primary ovarian insufficiency changes in egg quality or quantity can affect fertility.

Ectopic pregnancy occurs outside the uterus usually in the fallopian tubes.

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