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IVF Success Stories
Femelife Fertility

Why I chose Femelife Fertility

Doctor is good and soft spoken to all the patients and attender too, all the staff of the femelife fertility foundation are very polite, supportive and nice to all.
If we describe the Femelife fertility foundation in a single line then I must say it is very good place, you will feel positive vibes in the air also. This is the best IVF center in Chennai.
Deepesh Khewaria

Special thanks and lots of love to Dr. Nabaneeta for spreading positivity and bringing back hope into our lives.
Dr. Nabaneeta understands every patient’s situation as a doctor as well as a mother. The complete treatment process was very well explained and streamlined in achieving 100% positive results. It describes the best fertility doctor in chennai and the high success IVF treatment in Chennai.

Sankar Namburi

Excellent and good coordination between staff and doctors, after 5yrs I am hearing good news from mylife,

Thank You Femelife, Dr. Nabaneeta and team for offering best fertility treatment at affordable cost. This is the best IVF hospital in Chennai.

Uthaya Anbu

I am taking this opportunity to thank Dr. Nabaneeta and her team, all were very supportive and friendly throughout my treatment. I got this success after several failures in different clinics,so I strongly recommend the couple with infertility problems to get treatment from Femelife Fertility Foundation and achieve parenthood. The best fertility centre in Chennai is Femelife Fertility.
lakshmi kalyan

My recommendation
You will get confidence at this place, no worries or frustrations. Just try for one consultation and decide later. Transparency in discussion is worthy praising. We got success when several IVF failure had broken us. Thanks to Femelife Fertility, the best IVF Centre in Chennai.

nd Janakiraman

Our IVF Success rates
Years of experience, delivered more than 9000 babies

Aha! Special Moments
We had a very great experience in this hospital. Special thanks to Dr. Nabaneeta for spreading positivity into us even during my worse health condition. Thankful to all the staffs for guiding me into motherhood in the most friendly way. We had the most satisfying experience with the best IVF team.

This is to express our happiness,gratefulness & thankfulness to you.No words can simply express our happiness and the joy that parenthood has brought to our lives.I would like to thank Doctor & each member of Femelife staff who helped us on this happiness of parenthood and their caring approach is highly appreciable. Every moment is precious with our son.We will be forever grateful and thanks to all . Undoubtedly this is the best IVF centre in Chennai.

With special Thanks

Nandakumar durai

This hospital is one of the best hospitals available in chennai where I recommend others to go for IVF treatment.
My rating is based upon the hospitality, efficiency, cleanliness, and friendly of the people working there.
We would like to thank all the staff starting from Dr. Nabaneeta and all her team ( Priya, Stephe, Sindhu, Sushi, Kavitha, Rajin, and lots others.) They have made a wonderful work with me and my wife where we were treated as a family…… And this u dont find a lot nowadays.
Thank You
Yasser Attia

Femelife Fertility
A place where we could work hard and be recognized for a successful day…Happiest part is getting along with the happiness and strength of the patient’s at times of success offered here.The best part of my job is meeting new people every day and being help those patients while they are in need.
Thank you all

Dr Nabaneeta Padhy
Fertility Specialist

IVF Success Stories
IVF Success Stories

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