Oxidative stress and Fertility

What can Oxidative stress cause to female fertility?

Oxidative stress is a condition where reactive oxygen species are overproduced & cannot be neutralized by the antioxidant system of body. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are molecules generated during body metabolism and they can influence the entire reproductive lifespan of a woman and menopausal period. ROS affect multiple physiological processes from oocyte maturation to fertilization, embryo development and pregnancy. They serve as key signal molecules in the age-related decline in fertility.

stress and infertility

stress and infertility

Role of antioxidants in fertility

Most ovarian cancers appear in the surface epithelium, and repetitive ovulation has been thought to be a causative factor. Ovulation-induced oxidative base damage and damage to DNA of the ovarian epithelium can be prevented by antioxidants.

OS plays a role in the pathophysiology of infertility and assisted fertility,

endometriosis, tubal and peritoneal factor infertility and unexplained infertility.

Deficiency of antioxidants enhance conditions like abortions, preeclampsia, preterm labour and preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Antioxidants are critical for follicular growth, corpus luteum formation endometrial differentiation and embryonic growth.

Melatonin & Fertility

Melatonin & Fertility