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Foods to avoid in pregnancy

Ten Foods To Avoid In Pregnancy

Unwashed fruits & vegetables and raw meat are among foods to avoid in pregnancy as they may cause serious infections of the mother and baby.

Instruments in operation theatre

Instruments in Operation Theatre

Surgical instruments in operation theatre vary according to the type of surgery. They are grouped into different specialties according to the surgeon’s need.


Diet in Pregnancy

DIET DURING PREGNANCY    PREGNANCY It is that period of your life cycle when you must eat a “healthy balanced diet”   Direct implication of eating a bad diet during pregnancy : q    Still...


Different Stages Of Pregnancy Experiences

Different Stages of pregnancy If you are pregnant, your body is experiencing major change. CHANGES TO YOUR BODY THAT MAY INDICATE PREGNANCY SYMPTOMS:  Aches then anxietyMorning sickness, which may additionally keep nausea then real...


Folliculogenesis: Development Of Follicles In Ovary

Folliculogenesis: Folliculogenesis is the maturation of the ovarian follicles, isa densely packed shell of somatic cells that contains animmature oocytes. The ovary consists of an inner medulla and outer cortex withindistinct boundaries, where medulla...